Only Minimalists Should Prosecute Patents

What makes one a minimalist? A goal: do more with less. Resist the urges of excess. Simplify, de-clutter, become free.

Minimalists thrive in various disciplines. Architecture, fashion, cuisine, and yes … patent prosecution.

Examining patents is hard work, so do the Examiner a favor: be a minimalist prosecutor. Tell the Examiner what she needs to know, and nothing more. Identify the novel claim features, point to the cited prior art, and distinguish with concise arguments. Let your claims speak for themselves. Skip the boilerplate.

Prosecute minimally, and not only will you save time and cost, you will also find that short, straightforward arguments are more effective and achieve broader patents than their long-winded counterparts. Minimalist arguments convey a reassuring confidence and give the Examiner comfort to allow the application, all while minimizing impact of estoppel and disclaimer issues.

Want to see how minimalist prosecution works in practice? Ping me.

IP atttorney at Whitmyer IP Group LLC in Stamford, CT, USA